iBible m3 (new)

From the success of S100, we now introduce an enhanced model - m3.  No hassle with leakage of disposable batteries. Amplified output speaker.  We have also made it slimmer.

Listen to the entire Bible in digital audio without having to mess with cumbersome tapes or CDs... the whole Bible is contained on this portable player. Designed especially for ease and simplicity of use among the aged, blind, and illiterate, this portable player really allows easy and convenient listening for anyone.

The iBible m3 is great and excellent for personal devotional time or bible studies in small groups, as it remembers where you left off listening and starts you there again the next time you turn it on.

The iBible m3 delivers long-lasting playtime on its integrated speaker with each battery charge. 



  1. Last played position retention
  2. Device weighs 0.16lbs (76grammes) with internal rechargeable battery
  3. Attractive black enclosure (option of solar rechargeable panel)
  4. Designed for ease and simplicity of ease by the aged, blind and illiterate
  5. Portable "pocket" size of 11cmL x 6.1cmW and 1.5cmH
  6. Operates on an internal lithium rechargeable battery
  7. Toggle switch for easy manoeuvring between OT/NT
  8. Fast forward and backward scrolling feature on same chapter
  9. Books and Chapters selection
  10. Distinct unique tones to signify the beginning of books and chapters.
  11. Comes with Integrated speaker and an earphone socket

m3 User Operation Manuals



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