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200 Hymns+Favorites

Unlocking the Bible (UtB) Integrated (chronological) - the layout follows closely with the printed book in chronological order.  The respective Scripture books are integrated accordingly - e.g. after UtB on Genesis, the Scripture on Genesis follows etc.  As such, the layout differs from the printed Bible layout.

Listen to some of the audios by David Pawson -

    Old Testament Overview

    Hebrew Poetry

    New Testament Overview

Bible (66 Books) – ESV - the complete Bible (as per the printed layout) follows thereafter.  

Listen to some of the ESV audios -

    ESV Genesis 01

    ESV Psalm 01

    ESV Matthew 02

CH Spurgeon Morning + Evening (366 days) - each morning and evenings are placed according to month and dates.

Listen to some devotions 

    Jan 01 Morning

    Jan 01 Evening

    July 01 Morning

    July 01 Evening

    Dec 31 Morning

    Dec 31 Evening

200 Favorites/Hymns

    How Great Thou Art

    I need Thee every hour

    The Greatest Thing

    What a Friend we have in Jesus

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